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Northumbrian Water

This includes; Intruder Alarms, Electronic Access Control (PAC), intercoms, electric fences, electronic locks, cameras and installation, video recording, interfacing with software, IP based CCTV, camera controls, screens and monitors, column physical installs and lamps, local and remote monitoring and first line response for security software system; gates and barriers.

All of the works that have  been carried  out  will  have  first line response  for Cortech  (security  software system).CFS deliver installation and upgrades on a variety of projects ranging from £10k - £250k covering cameras and installation, video recording, interfacing with Cortech, IP based CCTV, camera controls, screens and monitors, column physical installs and lamps, local and remote monitoring.

CFS also provides routine maintenance across all areas of the contract on a 6 monthly and annual basis, as well as breakdown maintenance response and repair. We have the capability to attend site within 24 hours, with a further stand-by arrangement to cater for emergencies with a 4-hour response time to critical equipment.

All installation and maintenance works that we have carried out on this site are in accordance with all European and British Standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, NSI standards and Codes of Practice.

The main objective for this contract is to minimise environmental impact, promote positive interaction with the community and conduct ourselves in line with high ethical standards to bring benefits to all stakeholders.

CFS continually keep Northumbria Water up to date with the skills, qualifications and accreditations of all those who are working on their sites through an electronic skills matrix that both parties have access to. CFS also produced a communications plan tailored specifically to the Northumbrian Water contract. We provide a single point of contact throughout, responsible for;

  • The production of weekly and monthly report
  • Co-ordinating responses to urgent failures of electronic equipment and ensuing the
  • NWL Business Continuity Team are provided regular updates against progress
  • Consistently updating the security asset database register within 30 days of any works being carried out
  • Providing remedial asset reports to the NWL Security Manager within two weeks of any PPM works being carried out. This report delivers information on asset condition and any recommendations to bring the asset back to good working order
  • Carry out monthly site audits to ensure log books and other supporting documents have been updated