CFS Improves Fleet Efficiency With New Partnership

CFS Group is now saving almost 15 per cent on fleet costs after blazing a trail for a new fleet management programme.

CFS agreed to became one of the first companies to sign up to the innovative service when we outsourced control of our 182-strong fleet to Motiva Group, and have since saved more than £50,000 in six months. The move has also resulted in a host of additional benefits.

Stephen Butler, Finance Director for CFS, said; “We’ve been really impressed by the improvement in our fleet performance since Motiva became involved. We have made significant savings already and I expect that to continue long term.”

“The processes and policy controls they have implemented have been very effective and the level of engagement with our driving population has been exceptional. Our drivers are now far more aware of their responsibilities as a member of the company fleet. The partnership has provided them with the foundations and tools to drive more responsibly and to be aware of how their performance can affect our running costs”, and added that;

“The savings we’re achieving in this area will help our plans for business growth and that, in turn, will deliver more benefits to our employees.”

Motiva Group took control of the day-to-day management of the CFS fleet operation in January as part of a three-year deal during which it will also become our sole vehicle supplier.

Jane White, Head of Fleet Management at Motiva Group, said: “While we’ve implemented a number of process efficiencies to improve the general operation of the fleet, we’ve also been keen to deliver cost savings from day one. Our fleet management product was redeveloped at the end of last year and I’m convinced it now rivals the best in the industry.”

“It’s specifically designed to focus on all areas of spend. While there’ll always be significant costs attached to running any fleet, it can be inflated by ‘avoidable cost’ and that’s where our system can help.”

Motiva provides full costs consolidation for CFS, including the delivery of a monthly spend summary.

White added: “This analysis gives CFS a more accurate account of total fleet spend for their business and they’re able to pinpoint areas not necessarily classed as normal running costs.”

“As well as saving CFS 15 per cent on total fleet costs since it went live, it has also supported some significant improvements in driver behaviour which will sustain cost controls through the term of the contract.”

“I’m confident the control measures we’ve put in place will enable CFS to continue to achieve healthy savings on an on-going basis.”