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Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

Looking for affordable fire risk assessment courses in London? Here at CFS, we're experts in delivering quality training and education when it comes to fire safety and risk assessment. Proofing your premises against fire risk should be a paramount concern, no matter how large or small your premises or workforce. Make sure you know what to look out for when carrying out your own assessment, and ensure you know how to develop and strengthen your assessment routine as your business grows and develops.


Quality Training in Fire Risk Assessment

Although every business is obligated to adhere to fire risk assessment regulations, the Fire Safety Order (FSO) remains rather flexible. While it's perfectly acceptable for smaller organisations to appoint a Responsible Person (RP) to oversee fire risk assessment and inspection reviews, it's definitely advised that for larger premises with a high volume of staff, a third-party agency be brought in to provide a more thorough inspection. At CFS, we not only provide first-class inspection and assessment, we also offer an amazing range of fire safety training and courses to businesses. Give your designated responsible person all the knowledge they need to carry out thorough inspections and assessments, highlighting issues as they arise to prevent damage and loss should an emergency occur at your place of work.


Safeguard Your Business Against Fire Risk

Fire safety isn't something you should ever ignore. A fire emergency can risk the lives and well-being of your employees, in addition to causing costly damage to your place of business and expensive assets. For smaller businesses who carry out fire risk assessment internally, it's incredibly easy to overlook potential causes of fire and neglect to identify issues that could cause obstacles to evacuation in the event of an emergency. Fire risk assessment and fire safety training might seem like a costly venture, but it's a small investment compared to the peace of mind you'll get from knowing your place of work and the people in it are well protected should the worst happen.


Industry Leading Expertise

For smaller businesses and larger organisations alike, fire safety is a pivotal concern. If you're a smaller company relying on a member of staff as your responsible person, bring in the expertise of CFS to strengthen your fire safety education, ensuring you always know what to look for when fire risk assessments are carried out. While it's relatively simple to perform assessment when little changes in the workplace, you'll need to constantly revise your risk assessment check list if your business is expanding. Risk assessment courses and training can help you identify new causes for concern and potential fire risks for businesses on the rise, especially if you're physical premises are changing, rearranging and expanding.



Make sure your team is up to speed on fire regulation and compliance with our quality training courses. We provide some of the best training around, from basic introductions to the fire tetrahedron, to more advanced courses highlighting what to look for when performing a fire risk assessment and what next steps to take in order to bolster your fire prevention measures and emergency responses. Get in touch with the team at CFS today to see hoe we can help you. Email us at: customer.enquiries@cfs-group.co.uk or drop us a message via our online enquiry form and one of the team will be back in touch ASAP. If you're working to a tighter schedule and want to discuss fire training and risk assessment courses today, call our head office on: 0844 801 2700.